Fox Double Hook

Fox Double Hook

The Fox double hook series is a selection of salmon- and sea trout flies that I have used successfully over the last many years. They are for the middle of the salmon season, especially under lower water conditions, in situations where you need something other than a tube fly. The Fox DH flies are “lighter” dressed flies on strong double hooks. The strong double hook makes it possible to play a salmon or a sea trout faster.

The patterns and the color choice on the Fox flies are created to match all the different “lighting” conditions and water colors you can experience as a salmon/sea trout fly angler throughout the season.

For the Fox double hook series, I prefer not to use a steering knot as it tends to pull the fly sideways in the water. I recommend a loop knot that will make the fly move enticingly through the current.

P.S.: All Fox DH flies are tied by a professional Danish fly tier and therefore maintains a standard of high quality, in both material and workmanship. 

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